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2014 NCAAF Graphs: Week 1
The first week of college football is underway and graph making is in progress. There is currently a small issue with my data site which is causing a few games not to process correctly, but hopefu... (more)

Finals over, summer begins
Congrats to the Spurs and Kings on their championships. The Weighted Method is the only one to accurately post-dict those results. Starting in July, MLB will be rotated up to the top of the front... (more)

2014 MLB Graphs: Week 1
With Opening Day in the books for most teams, the baseball season is officially under way. The Dodgers/Padres opener in Australia is causing a little hiccup in the system which I will be able to c... (more)

2013 NFL Graphs: Super Bowl
Congratulations to the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. All three graphs favored SEA going into the game. The win gave SEA a direct path to DEN which boosted SEA to #1 in all three methods. ... (more)

2013 NFL Graphs: Conference...
Thanks Moose. That's what I was talking about.
- Boga
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