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2015 NFL Graphs: Week 4
Well that was a surprise! We went from having no loops to having enough to cause a difference between the Standard and Iterative methods. The season is really in full swing for us now as we've re... (more)

2015 NFL Graphs: Week 3
We've reached the first milestone of the year by having a fully connected graph. The mini-tournament is over with ATL→DAL, and as a reward, ATL is this week's #1 team. They also have a fair ... (more)

2015 NFL Graphs: Week 2
With Week 2 in the books, our 16-way tie for first is down to a 2-way tie. Despite 9 teams sporting a 2-0 record, two teams have had opponents who have won games over teams who have won other game... (more)

2015 NFL Graphs: Week 1
Seattle tied for last place! Super Bowl losers curse! Small sample size be damned, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! /rabble rabble rabble
- Alternator

2015 NFL Graphs: Week 1
The Pats Pulpit article has been published. Check it out.
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