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2014 NFL Graphs: Week 8
That is pretty interesting about the graphs diverging and then aligning, but after this weekend's games it will probably diverge again, hiding the effect of the single Thursday game. If it does ho... (more)

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 8
Correction - 3 teams. Detroit was hiding under the canopy. I also like how 6 of Dallas's 7 games are represented on the graph.
- doktarr

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 7
Thanks for that edit/fix! And I'll be using a proper link moving forward. You make good points about the strength of division, its certainly a metric that could weigh in on a lot of assumptions mad... (more)
- Veluux

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 8
Heh... I saw the DEN→SD→SEA→DEN loop appearing and getting rid of every other Denver loop. I expected that would mean the demise of SEA→GB→MIN→STL. What I didn't expect was that that ... (more)
- doktarr

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 7
(I modified your posts as the long URL was causing the side bar on the site to expand. I moved the working link to your main post and deleted the follow up) I wonder if there's anything to look... (more)
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