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2014 NFL Graphs: Week 17
I also added a second sheet showing a prediction of the playoffs based on final regular season rankings, including a paragraph explaining a few potential upsets (though in the playoffs any game can... (more)
- Veluux

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 17
Here are the final combined graphs after the conclusion of the regular season for 2014. The following link provides a final power-ranking heading into the playoffs as well as a power ranking of eac... (more)
- Veluux

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 14
I like random stats and facts. Here's one that came from a discussion I was having with some co-workers. NFC quarterbacks who have made it to the Super Bowl in the new millennium (12): Kerry... (more)

2014 NCAAF Graphs: Week 15
I suppose, but that depends on which method you use. By Standard, we're looking at: 1 - Florida State 2 - Ohio State 3 - Oregon 4 - Ole Miss By Iterative: 1 - Alabama 2 - Florida Stat... (more)

2014 NCAAF Graphs: Week 15
If we operate on the assumption that the four CFP teams should be from different conferences unless you have overwhelming reasons to believe otherwise (which seems reasonable to me), then it seems ... (more)
- doktarr
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