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Finals over, summer begins
Congrats to the Spurs and Kings on their championships. The Weighted Method is the only one to accurately post-dict those results. Starting in July, MLB will be rotated up to the top of the front... (more)

2014 MLB Graphs: Week 1
With Opening Day in the books for most teams, the baseball season is officially under way. The Dodgers/Padres opener in Australia is causing a little hiccup in the system which I will be able to c... (more)

2013 NFL Graphs: Super Bowl
Congratulations to the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. All three graphs favored SEA going into the game. The win gave SEA a direct path to DEN which boosted SEA to #1 in all three methods. ... (more)

2013 NFL Graphs: Conference...
Thanks Moose. That's what I was talking about.
- Boga

2013 NFL Graphs: Conference...
It looks like in the Standard Graph, the winner of the Super Bowl will take the #1 spot either way. @boga: Are you referring to the "score" column? What I generally refer to as a team's rating ... (more)
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