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2014 NFL Graphs: Week 7
Indeed we have our first differences between the Standard and Iterative graphs. Among them is that DEN gets to keep their wins over ARI, KC, and SF due to their loss to SEA appearing in four separ... (more)

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 7
I think I smell some iterative algorithm splits coming up.
- doktarr

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 6
I found out the issue. You have to use an actual HTML tag for a link to get it to work. It doesn't turn plain text links into hypertext on its own. Week 6 Spreadsheet.

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 6
Looks like links aren't part of the HTML tags that I've approved. I'll take a look at that when I get a chance. Thanks again for putting the spreadsheet together.

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 6
Hey Moose, I registered so now this HTML link should work. Here is the latest version of the spreadsheet. It auto-sorts everything based on the three scores I input for every team (that I get from... (more)
- Veluux
:: 2012 NFL Graphs: Week 13
(2012-12-04 22:58:17)

Wow, only seven teams NOT on the longest path.
(2012-12-05 01:51:06)

There sure are a lot of longest paths too. It's not very common to have that many branches.
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