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2014 NFL Graphs: Week 2
Hey doktarr, good to see you back. The most straight forward loop possibility for the week is BAL@CLE. If CLE were to win, it'd cause a BAL→PIT→CLE→BAL and leave the AFC North in a... (more)

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 2
Not only are there no loops, but the only possible loops at this point, given the schedule, are a 7-team loop off to the side, or one big 25-team loop. Next week is where we start to actually se... (more)
- doktarr

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 2
Week 2 has an unfamiliar team at the top of the graph. BUF is 2-0 and has beaten teams that have beaten teams that have beaten teams. The pair of long chains beneath them result in the highest We... (more)

2014 NCAAF Graphs: Week 1
The source I'm getting data from is having difficulties with their score reporting. I'm trying to find a work around for this that doesn't cause a loss of data.

2014 NCAAF Graphs: Week 1
Thanks! Where is week 2 and 3?
- Taylor York
:: 2012 NFL Graphs: Week 13
(2012-12-04 22:58:17)

Wow, only seven teams NOT on the longest path.
(2012-12-05 01:51:06)

There sure are a lot of longest paths too. It's not very common to have that many branches.
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