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2015 NFL Graphs: Week 11
The graphs have been low on ARI for the majority of the year, but with a win over CIN, they jump to the #3 spot. It's a very weak link and could fall easily, but for now ARI looks good to the grap... (more)

2015 NFL Graphs: Week 10
CIN falls from the ranks of the unbeatens, but hangs on to the #2 spot overall. Moving into #1 is NE, and they do so by a large margin. NE owns the longest paths of the week, and has direct wins ... (more)

2015 NFL Graphs: Week 9
I waited several weeks for that WAS→STL link to break and was very happy last week when it finally did. This year, thanks to a crazy sequence of loop breaks caused by TEN→NO, the link is... (more)

2015 NFL Graphs: Week 8
Yep, starting to come into focus. An OAK win over PIT would be pretty disruptive.
- doktarr

2015 NFL Graphs: Week 8
Things are starting to look a little more reasonable around here now. WAS lost their win over STL causing a massive collapse of the AFC and NFC East divisions. With the exception of NE, the AFC E... (more)
:: 2012 NFL Graphs: Week 13
(2012-12-04 22:58:17)

Wow, only seven teams NOT on the longest path.
(2012-12-05 01:51:06)

There sure are a lot of longest paths too. It's not very common to have that many branches.
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