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2014 NFL Graphs: Week 14
I like random stats and facts. Here's one that came from a discussion I was having with some co-workers. NFC quarterbacks who have made it to the Super Bowl in the new millennium (12): Kerry... (more)

2014 NCAAF Graphs: Week 15
I suppose, but that depends on which method you use. By Standard, we're looking at: 1 - Florida State 2 - Ohio State 3 - Oregon 4 - Ole Miss By Iterative: 1 - Alabama 2 - Florida Stat... (more)

2014 NCAAF Graphs: Week 15
If we operate on the assumption that the four CFP teams should be from different conferences unless you have overwhelming reasons to believe otherwise (which seems reasonable to me), then it seems ... (more)
- doktarr

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 13
@Veluux: I love it. Keep it up. I like how the AFC East came out as the top division when generally NE's success gets attributed to living in a terrible division. @doktarr: I wholeheartedly su... (more)

2014 NFL Graphs: Week 13
I'm originally from northern VA, so I'm still a Washington fan, but I haven't lived there for a while and rooting for them is borderline depressing. I've generally had a favorite AFC team which ... (more)
- doktarr
:: 2012 NFL Graphs: Week 13
(2012-12-04 22:58:17)

Wow, only seven teams NOT on the longest path.
(2012-12-05 01:51:06)

There sure are a lot of longest paths too. It's not very common to have that many branches.
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